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About Us


Your Local, Family-Owned Home Maintenance Partner

Serving St. John’s and the greater Avalon area.

Founded at the beginning of the Covid outbreak by Russell Martin, an airline pilot for one of Canada’s major airlines, YYT Safe Dryer Vents emerged to answer the growing demand for safer and cleaner homes. As a local, family-owned business, we take pride in our roots and the personalized touch we bring to every service.

Dryer vent fires and reduced energy efficiency are very real concerns caused by dirty dryers and their vents. Adding our dryer and dryer vent cleaning service is an affordable option. It keeps our homes and our communities safer as well as more energy efficient.

That’s not all! We offer many other services. Let us be your “one and done” company. Contact us today! We look forward to providing you with safe, efficient, fast, and reliable service.

Thank you for supporting a locally owned and operated business!

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YYT Safe Dryer Vents Russ Martin Pilot
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About Russ

Meet Russell Martin, the driving force behind YYT Safe Dryer Vents. With over 25 years as a Commercial Airline Pilot, Russell brings a unique blend of skills that extends beyond the cockpit and into the realm of responsible entrepreneurship and fatherhood.

Balancing the demands of flying, executive responsibilities, and fatherhood, Russell epitomizes versatility. As an accountable company executive, he shoulders the responsibility for every aspect of YYT Safe Dryer Vents, ensuring a commitment to excellence. This dedication extends from the precision of his aviation career to the meticulous focus on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction in the home maintenance industry.

Beyond the boardroom and cockpit, Russell embraces the role of a devoted dad. His commitment to creating safer and cleaner homes reflects the same passion he invests in crafting a nurturing environment for his family. Russell understands the delicate art of balancing high-altitude responsibilities with the down-to-earth moments that matter most.

Whether soaring through the skies, steering the course of YYT Safe Dryer Vents, or sharing meaningful moments with his family, Russell Martin is more than a CEO — he’s a captain of diverse realms, ensuring that each journey, whether in business or family life, is guided by a commitment to excellence and care.

Russell Martin
Founder & CEO
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About Clare Martin

At YYT Safe Dryer Vents, customer satisfaction is more than a commitment; it’s a personalized experience led by Clare, our dedicated customer and business relations specialist. With a background as a child and youth care worker, Clare brings a wealth of empathy, understanding, and patience to our customer interactions. Her experience extends beyond professional roles; she’s an amazing mother who knows the importance of a safe and nurturing environment.

Having worked in the field of child and youth care, Clare honed her skills in communication, problem-solving, and creating supportive relationships — qualities she seamlessly integrates into our customer service approach. As a mother, she appreciates the significance of a home’s safety and comfort. Clare’s genuine care and attention to detail makes her the ideal person to ensure that every customer’s experience with YYT Safe Dryer Vents is not just a service but a relationship built on trust and understanding. Your satisfaction is in the capable hands of someone who not only excels in her professional role but also embodies the essence of a caring and dedicated mother.

Clare Martin

Customer Relations

About BillyJo

billyjo 1

Most call me a Jack of all trades and I would agree! There’s not much that we come across that I can’t plan around or fix.

I’m a trained chef, have worked in Masonry and also moonlight in security. I’m a pet lover and an all around easy going guy.

Russ & Clare put their trust in me and they are not only my bosses but I consider them my family and great friends! I look forward to treating you the same way they treat me, with respect.


Operational Manager & Technician


A Proud Member Of

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Our mission is to keep your dryers, vent lines, and ducts safe and clean at all times. When you book with us you are setting up a long term solution not a quick repair.


Keith Bussey
We had our dryer vent and bathroom vent thoroughly cleaned. Clare was extremely fast in providing a quote and scheduling our appointment. Russ was very friendly and provided outstanding service. We highly recommend this team - you won't be disappointed.
Keith Bussey
Clif Budden
Amazing service! So easy to get a quote, book it, and have the service done. Professional, friendly, and thorough. I HIGHLY recommend them - especially if you notice your dryer isn't drying the way it used to...or for the peace of mind of having a clear dryer vent and dryer.
Clif Budden
Seamless service from online quote to finished work & very happy with results. Contacted YYT initially in order to get dryer hoses replaced & the lines cleaned & extremely happy to also find they could also take care of a bird's nest which had started in a range hood vent that was uncapped. Clare quickly responded to my initial questions & Russ showed up to complete the work just two days later. Dryer connections x2 were fully cleared of built up debris, an unsafe dryer hose was replaced & connections secured, & the range hood vent meshed & cleaned completely. Other vents on the property were also inspected. Invoice came in lower than expected as well & payment was an ease. Prompt, professional and honest service, highly recommended !
Rebecca Lethbridge
Very responsive and professional. YYT inspected and cleaned two vent lines for our home and repaired a broken vent cover. They were exceptional! Would highly recommend!
Rebecca Lethbridge
Megan Morgan
Easy to use website to receive a quote. Quick turn around on booking the service and the technician was very friendly and thorough! Excellent Covid protocols.
Megan Morgan
Sonya Peddle
Super friendly, efficient and honest work! Now we have one less thing to worry about! My dryer is way more efficient as well! Will definitely use them again!
Sonya Peddle
Mark Jerrett
I had a dryer vent blockage and they came by the same day I contacted them. They went above and beyond - really appreciate the fast and friendly service. I will definitely be having them in every year to clear my dryer vent.
Mark Jerrett
Jennifer Crane
The whole process from start to end is very professional. I like that don't need to call someone, leave a voicemail and hope they call have gotten quotes and booked services the process has run smoothly and quickly! Russell came in today and did a deep clean on our heat pump (and it was gross) They take pride in their work and it shows! Highly recommend!!
Jennifer Crane
Mike Hewson
YYT Safe Dryer Vents serviced my dryer venting system with efficiency and professionalism. It is a change to see a business provide exemplary customer service like they did. They provided me a prompt quote, arranged a service date, showed up when they promised, and did a wonderful job at a fair price. They kept me advised throughout the entire process. I will be using YYT Safe Dryer Vents annually to clean and service my venting. Well done.
Mike Hewson
Jamy Hall
Russ and Conrad showed up to replace a part of a dryer vent that was kinked. They are very knowledgeable, professional and cleaned up after themselves. Note: the dryer vent was installed by a contractor in November 2021. (Most awful service and workmanship ever witnessed in my entire life) Russ and Conrad remove all the old stuff and reinstall the duct correctly, with minimal cutting of the drywall. You can see they take pride in the services they offer. Pricing is one of the best around for the quality service you are getting. Quality service and pricing is a 5 star rating for me, If I could give 6 stars I would. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone.
Jamy Hall